I’ve just sent a letter to some of Ecotrust Canada’s closest friends. It’s a seasonal chance to share my excitement about our current initiatives and to invite end of year donations – but even more importantly it’s a chance for me to put our work into a wider context. And this year, the context is profoundly interesting. Things are moving.

More than ever before, I’d like to reach out to all the supporters of Ecotrust Canada and ask you to show that support. The letter below is to you. If you can, please donate. And even if you can’t donate, please spread the word about us, about our approach, about how new solutions are being built for a new kind of economics, here and now.

We’re so very glad to have you on board for this journey. Thank you.


Dear Friend,

You’ve shared Ecotrust Canada’s journey as we’ve worked to challenge the problems of current economic models, and to create viable alternatives that result in triple-bottom line results.

I’m hoping that you’ll stick with us, because I believe the world is on the cusp of a very serious ride, where good new ideas are going to be more important than ever before.

As existing structures falter and fail, millions of people are searching for a new kind of economics, where the benefits of growth are shared by more than a few, and where the limits of the environment are recognized.

And while many present day institutions appear to be out of ideas, this is exactly our specialty at Ecotrust Canada. As a small, innovative charity, our team continually negotiates the complex terrain of small business incubation, environmental advocacy, social finance, community capacity building, market busting, and technology development to create positive and realistic change.

We engage with people in the places where they live, on a practical level, to design and demonstrate new ways of working. While no two initiatives look exactly alike – as you can see from the examples below – they share the common objectives of building reliable prosperity and resilience for human society.

We know from our experience that it’s not a pipe dream; it’s possible. It’s happening now. We want to be able to share the lessons we’ve learned and take them to scale.

If you share our passion to shift the economy towards the things that matter – to literally change the world – then please make a contribution to our work for 2012.

Yours sincerely,


Brenda Kuecks
President, Ecotrust Canada


Some of our work:

Information democracy for communities /

Encompassing cultural history, climate change, environmental and economic needs, Living Atlas is a customizable, web-based mapping tool enabling communities to plan ahead. This is just one example of how we build accessible technology solutions, supporting communities to be healthy and sustainable on their own terms. Your donation secures this support.

Enabling connections through traceability /

We’re ensuring consumers look beyond a ‘product’, to the people and the ecosystem producing it. Following the early success of Thisfish, our seafood traceability program, we’re piloting Thisforest, to support sustainable forest products. Strengthening informed, responsible trade has never been more necessary. Help us to widen the impact of this work, while it’s still possible.

Standing tree to standing home /

What could be better than a home from home? As part of our Qwii-qwiq-sap initiative (pronounced ‘qway-quick-sup’ and meaning ‘transformation’ in the Nuu-chah-nulth language), in response to poor housing, we are working with Nuu-chah-nulth communities on BC’s rural, wet, west coast to design and create culturally appropriate homes – with them, by them, from local materials. Recognizing present and future circumstances; using traditional knowledge; connecting local resources and local labour; growing and restoring community skills… It all makes so much sense – and yet we face many challenges in this work. Those challenges need to be heard and understood in a wider context. When you make a contribution, you help these connections to be made, for generations to come.

Online donations can be made at ecotrust.ca/donate   
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