The board and staff of Ecotrust Canada are tremendously saddened to report the passing of our great friend, Jim Hume. Jim passed away peacefully at his home in Calgary on Friday, March 27 at the age of 58.

On April 1, hundreds of people gathered in Calgary to say a heartfelt goodbye to a man who made a tremendous difference to the lives of thousands of people in Canada and in Israel, where the Kahanoff Foundation, which Jim led, made courageous and breakthrough investments in social change.

We were honoured when Jim chose not only to invest foundation resources in the work of Ecotrust Canada, but his time, his tremendous experience and his intellect as a member of our board of directors for more than seven years.

Jim was a strong advocate for creative approaches to conservation and community development. He was a passionate and engaged board member, and a good personal friend to many of us here, and to many people in the communities we serve. We already feel the loss of his wise and loyal counsel.

As amazing as he was in life, he continued to amaze us after his death, when we learned that he asked for any memorial contributions in his name to be directed to Ecotrust Canada. We are deeply honoured by Jim's continued support for Ecotrust Canada.

If you would like to make a donation in Jim's memory, we are accepting condolences for the family and memorial contributions through

Regardless of that, we hope those of you who got to meet Jim will take a moment to reflect on what a gifted man he was, and the many gifts he has left behind.

Jacqueline Koerner
Ian Gill