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Ecotrust Canada is comprised of a team of professionals skilled in a multitude of disciplines including forestry, GIS, planning, community economic development, marine resource management, eco-certifications, governance, and micro-finance.

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Jean Pogge

President and CEO

  • Vancouver, BC
  • jean@ecotrust.ca
  • 778.725.1100
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Tasha Sutcliffe

Vice President

Tatiana Lyssoun

Director of Finance

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Steven Moon

Chief Technology Officer

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Amanda Barney

General Manager, Marine Monitoring Initiative

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Clark Van Oyen

Engineering Consultant

Devlin Fernandes

Senior Manager, Programs

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Dyhia Belhabib

Program Manager, Fisheries

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Eliana Macdonald

Manager, Knowledge Systems

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Eric Enno Tamm

General Manager, Traceability Initiative

  • Ottawa, ON
  • eric@thisfish.info
  • 604-562-5310

Gerry Riley

Electronic Monitoring Technician & Data Analyst

  • Prince Rupert, BC
  • gerry@ecotrust.ca
  • 250.624.4191
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Graham Anderson

Financial Strategist

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Irwin Lee

Assistant Controller

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Kiri Bird

Program Manager, LEDlab

Lianne Payne

Operations Manager

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Marina Landisberg

Software Developer

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Mike Bryniarski

Systems Analyst

  • Vancouver, BC
  • mike@ecotrust.ca
  • 778.725.1102
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Nicola Parr

Coworking Community Manager, The Amp

Racheal Weymer

Project Manager, Economic Development & FSCĀ® Chain of Custody Certification

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Satnam Manhas

Program Manager, Forest & Ecosystem Services

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