“Seafood purchases used to frustrate Kathryn Moore,” writes Nicholas Klassen in the September 3 edition of BCBusiness, “and not just because she lives far from an ocean. The Peterborough, Ontario, dentist wanted to buy responsibly, but the staff at fish counters could never answer her questions: Where was this fish caught, how and when?”

Then she saw a ThisFish label at her local Sobey’s grocery store that promised the full story of her filet’s journey. “I wondered if it really worked,” she recalls. “So I checked and found out everything I’d always wanted to know – it even had a cute picture of the fisherman and his boat.”

Tasha Sutcliffe (left) and Brenda Reid-Kuecks of Ecotrust Canada, at Fisherman’s Wharf beside Granville Island.

Klassen’s article tells the story of Thisfish, a tracking program that introduces shoppers to the fishermen who caught their dinner. BCBusiness, which describes itself as “British Columbia’s foremost business authority and the most widely read business publication in the province”, makes the full article available at bcbusinessonline.ca.