With the Forest Stewardship Council® celebrating FSC Friday today, there has never been a better time to investigate whether the wood and paper products you are buying have come from responsibly managed forests.

An annual event dedicated to the celebration of forests around the globe, FSC Friday raises awareness of how important our forests are. This year, schools, businesses and other organizations are involved in spreading the word about FSC and responsible forestry including Natural Pod, a leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of natural, non-toxic children’s toys and furniture.

Natural Pod is FSC certified under Ecotrust Canada’s FSC Chain of Custody group (FSC® C012237) and is committed to providing children with nature-friendly environments in which to play and learn, transforming the classroom into a place that celebrates and protects our natural resources. In May 2011, the company completely outfitted two Kinder Kampus daycare centres in the Lower Mainland, BC, with an extensive line of locally made FSC certified classroom tables, benches, shelves, playstands, play lofts, rocking boats, kitchens and toys. In the last two years, Natural Pod has also outfitted over 100 Coquitlam kindergartens with FSC certified products. Cowichan Woodwork, also FSC certified under Ecotrust Canada’s FSC Chain of Custody group, manufactures Natural Pod’s furniture products, with wood supplies coming from FSC certified Columbia Forest Products.

Ecotrust Canada has long been a supporter of FSC, and with our FSC group certification programs we help small- to medium-sized operators – from woodlots, private forestlands, sawmills, value-added wood manufacturers to printers – become certified as easily and cost-effectively as possible. We are proud to be partnered with Natural Pod and continue to support their vision in any way we can. We are also thrilled that Natural Pod is taking part in Ecotrust Canada’s Thisforest wood traceability pilot project, allowing customers like Kinder Kampus to trace the wood used in their Natural Pod products from forest all the way through the value chain to the end creation.

Read all about the work Natural Pod is doing here.