Forest Stewardship Council® International launches new campaign to spread the news of the value of FSC®-certified sustainable forestry.

FSC® is the mark of responsible forestry, recognized internationally as the leading certification standard for sustainable forestry and forest products.

Of the FSC®-certified forests lands in the world, 31% of them are found in Canada, reaching over 50 million hectares in 2014. This means that obtaining local, sustainable forest products is easier than ever for the Canadian consumer.

But many consumers are unaware of the opportunity to support sustainable forestry provided by FSC®. FSC®-certified products are promoted as such in the marketplace, but “greenwashing” unfortunately occurs in forestry in the same way we see it in all products these days – from food to clothing – creating noise and uncertainty for consumers. Those within the industry can be confused by the variety of eco-labels and trust marks, so how can the average consumer be expected to recognize and understand the difference. Moreover, why should they care?

In response to this need, FSC® International has launched a new campaign, Forests for all Forever, to convey the importance of supporting sustainable forestry, and help consumers better identify the FSC® certification logo as the one to seek out and trust when shopping for any forest product, ranging from 2x4s to paper; from furniture to flooring.

Forests for all Forever aims to highlight the ecosystem services society gains from standing forests, and the importance of purchasing forest products responsibly in order to ensure healthy forests for future generations.

Forests, here in Canada and internationally, hold immense environmental, cultural, recreational and economic values for our communities. They are not simply places of material production, as we often treat them. They are integral to healthy ecosystems, and proven to increase cognitive function and overall happiness in humans. It is important that as a society we act responsibly in the way we manage, harvest, and utilize forest lands.

FSC® certification represents an internationally recognized high standard of managing and harvesting forests that can ensure healthy, productive forests. We at Ecotrust Canada are proud to be supporters and promoters of FSC® certification.

Interested in supporting a healthy future for our forests? Look and ask for FSC®-certified products next time you’re buying building supplies, furniture or paper. Small forest land owners and supply chain businesses working with forest products can contact us for more information on obtaining FSC® certification for their business.


FSC® Forest Management Certification

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FSC® Certification for Chain of Custody businesses

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