“This is confirmation that the Ecotrust Canada Electronic Logbook application is compliant with GARFO VTR reporting regulations and the eVTR Technical Requirements and may be used by vessels for the purpose of eVTR submission.”

The EC team was very excited to receive the news that NOAA has approved our in-house designed Electronic Logbook for use on American fishing vessels.

But what is an electronic logbook, you ask?

Every fisherman uses a logbook to record the ‘who, what, where, when, and how’ of everything they catch. Until now, logs have primarily been kept on paper forms while fishing and later manually reviewed and typed up. This is expensive and time consuming for fishermen, and open to transcription errors. Ecotrust Canada’s electronic logbook allows fishermen to enter their data one time on board, which saves them time and money and streamlines the entire fisheries monitoring process.

Our electronic logbooks can work independently or in tandem with our electronic monitoring system. While they are currently only certified in the USA, we hope to bring them to Canadian waters soon.

The fishing industry may not seem like the first choice for technological innovation, but Ecotrust Canada is proud to be leading the way in developing more efficient, cost-effective tools. By reducing costs, we’re working to bring greater economic stability to small-scale fishermen and the communities in which they live.