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2015 was a big year for Ecotrust Canada. We celebrated our 20th anniversary, reflected on our unique qualities as an enterprising non-profit, and transitioned to new leadership.

We accomplished a lot in 2015. Here are a few of our favourites:

Twenty years in, 2015 seemed like a fresh starting point; a place to pause, reaffirm our direction, and move forward – full steam ahead.


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I am honoured and pleased to lead Ecotrust Canada as we move to deepen our impact and develop the staying power we need to build long term solutions to the complex challenges we face.

My first six months have been a whirlwind as I learn the rich project portfolio of our work, walk with staff to understand their perspective and reach out to partners, funders and colleagues to gain insight on the issues and challenges we face. At every turn I find inspiration, impact, creativity and knowledge; Ecotrust Canada is a problem solver with deep and trusted relationships in communities throughout Canada.

In the months and years to come we will be highlighting the critical role that Ecotrust Canada’s leadership plays throughout Canada. I invite you to join us in our efforts to build economic alternatives in the places we call home.

Jean Pogge


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