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ThisForest works with businesses across the forestry sector to track forest products back to their forest of origin. It is a traceability system that injects transparency into the forest product supply chain, providing consumers with knowledge on how their products, ranging from log homes to mushrooms, move from the forest of origin into their hands.

A combination of factors including: the success of ThisFish; growing consumer demand to know more about our purchase decisions; and good industry support led Ecotrust Canada to develop a traceability system for forest products. ThisForest traces a range of products from forest of origin to the marketplace, detailing the people, places and practices that bring food, furniture, homes and more to consumers all over the world.

Like ThisFish, ThisForest provides businesses with a unique and engaging way to personalize the story of their products for the consumer. It serves as both an effective form of supply chain management and as a marketing tool, increasing brand awareness, affinity and referrals. Additionally, ThisForest has been designed with the intention of helping businesses to meet the increasingly strict international export legislation on wood products.

A successful beta stage test is currently underway, and receiving great industry support from businesses, organizations and consumers across British Columbia and internationally.

How ThisForest works

ThisForest leverages systems already in place, including timber marks, weigh bills and inter-company invoices, to verifiably track products back to the forest of origin with a clean paper trail. This ensures the cost-effectiveness of business involvement, and the authenticity of the traces.


Ecotrust Canada’s proprietary traceability technology leverages the successfully tested and operated data management platform from ThisFish. It has been customized for forestry through a process of co-designed with leaders in the industry to ensure its scalability, versatility, cost-effectiveness and viability for forest products.

Who ThisForest is for

ThisForest provides authentic, trustworthy information about products, giving utility for businesses and consumers alike. Businesses wishing to better manage their supply chain and tell the story of their products in an innovative and engaging way to the marketplace benefit from involvement with ThisForest. Equal benefit is found by consumers concerned with the origin and sustainability of the products they purchase.

Forestry Industry Affiliations

Cesefor Foundation (Spain)

British Columbia Community Forest Association 

BC Log & Timber Building Industry Association

International Model Forest Network 

BC Wood

Private Landowners Association



With the Model Forest concept, Ecotrust Canada sees an approach that combines the social, cultural and economic needs of local communities with the long-term sustainability of large landscapes in which forests are an important feature. By design, Model Forests are voluntary, broad-based initiatives linking forestry, research, agriculture, mining, recreation, and other interests on a given landscape. As they take root, Model Forests develop governance and initiatives that align across multiple scales – from the local level through to international forest and social objectives.

Started by the Government of Canada at Rio in 1992, the International Model Forest Network has grown to over 60 sites in 23 countries. Everywhere they exist, Model Forests provide an umbrella vehicle for organizations and individuals to build social consensus around forest use, and establish a common program of activities to grow economic vitality based on a strong ecological foundation.

On Vancouver Island, the initiative invites organizations and businesses who want sustainable forests and sustainable communities for the long-term. As such, we are attracting stakeholders who want to collaborate on initiatives that will benefit the forest and people of Vancouver Island as a whole.


  • Completing a stakeholder survey identifying core issues on Vancouver Island.
  • Investigating the best ways to grow the value-add sector on Vancouver Island.
  • Analyzing the impact of regional decisions on forest and community economies, starting with lessons learned from Clayoquot Sound.
  • Assessing forest-related investment trends and opportunities on Vancouver Island.


  • Vancouver Island Economic Alliance
  • UBC Forestry
  • Iisaak Forest Resources
  • Tofino District
  • Tofino Chamber of Commerce
  • Private Forest Landowners Association
  • Canadian and International Model Forest Network


Having your forestland FSC® certified has never been easier or more cost effective thanks to Ecotrust Canada’s Forest Management Group (FSC® C017908), which dramatically speeds up the certification process and reduces costs for individual forest managers.


FSC® certification assures consumers that their purchases come from responsibly managed forests. As of March 2014, over 181 million hectares of forestlands are FSC® certified globally – over 54 million hectares of which are in Canada. Ecotrust Canada can help you become a part of this growing global phenomenon.

As a certified FSC® Group Manager, with the authority to assess group members against the FSC® BC Small and Low Intensity Managed Forests (SLIMF) Operations Standard, we are able to help woodlots, community forests, private landowners, First Nation tenures, and First Nations Woodland Licences become FSC® certified. Membership with the group allows forest managers to brand their wood as FSC® certified and enables them to sell to the growing number of FSC® certified sawmills, manufacturers and distributors.

What can Ecotrust Canada provide?

  • Simple application package
  • New member gap assessment and handbook
  • Knowledge sharing and advisory services
  • Annual internal audit
  • FSC® standards compliance toolkit including range of natural variation decision matrix and Chain of Custody program template

What are the benefits of joining our Forest Management Group?

  • Substantial savings as compared to the cost of independent FSC® certification – over 50 percent savings in most cases
  • Reduced administrative requirements
  • Use of the FSC® trademark and the Rainforest Alliance Certified trademark to promote your certification and label your forest products
  • Support on interpreting and meeting all aspects of certification, including any complex situations which may arise
  • Introduction to Chain of Custody operators and assistance in market connections

Who is eligible to join?

Membership is open to small tenure holders and small private holdings eligible for the “Small Operations” designation according to the FSC® standard. Management units must be smaller than 2,000 hectares, or have an Allowable Annual Cut (AAC) that is less than 5,000 cubic meters and less than 20 percent of the total mean annual increment of the productive forest area. We will be soon be certifying larger forests with another group certification in development.

Current FSC® Forest Management Group Members

  • Elkington Forest, Shawnigan Lake, BC
  • Marshall Forestry Services, Midway, BC
  • Monticola Forest Ltd., Fruitvale, BC
  • Cenwest Enterprises Ltd., Cluculz Lake, BC
  • Shawnigan Lake School, Shawnigan Lake, BC
  • Braithwaite Land Management Ltd., Vanderhoof, BC
  • Garrett Ranches Ltd., Vanderhoof, BC
  • Clayton Foster, Vanderhoof, BC
  • Shawna Gregson, Vanderhoof, BC

How much does it cost?

Cost is variable depending on size and area to be certified. Quote available upon request.

Who is buying FSC® certified timber?

As consumer demand for responsible forest products grows, so does the number of processing and manufacturing companies purchasing FSC® certified timber in Canada. Refer to Ecotrust Canada’s FSC® Chain of Custody Group as possible buyers of FSC® certified timber.


Ecotrust Canada is certified as an FSC® Group Manager and has organized two FSC® certification groups: one for forestland managers and the other for chain-of-custody operators. For more information on the two groups, please visit our FSC® Certification services section by clicking here.

Satnam Manhas
Program Manager, Forest & Ecosystem Services