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ThisForest works with businesses across the forestry sector to track forest products back to their forest of origin. It is a traceability system that injects transparency into the forest product supply chain, providing consumers with knowledge on how their products, ranging from log homes to mushrooms, move from the forest of origin into their hands.

A combination of factors including: the success of ThisFish; growing consumer demand to know more about our purchase decisions; and good industry support led Ecotrust Canada to develop a traceability system for forest products. ThisForest traces a range of products from forest of origin to the marketplace, detailing the people, places and practices that bring food, furniture, homes and more to consumers all over the world.

Like ThisFish, ThisForest provides businesses with a unique and engaging way to personalize the story of their products for the consumer. It serves as both an effective form of supply chain management and as a marketing tool, increasing brand awareness, affinity and referrals. Additionally, ThisForest has been designed with the intention of helping businesses to meet the increasingly strict international export legislation on wood products.

A successful beta stage test is currently underway, and receiving great industry support from businesses, organizations and consumers across British Columbia and internationally.

How ThisForest works

ThisForest leverages systems already in place, including timber marks, weigh bills and inter-company invoices, to verifiably track products back to the forest of origin with a clean paper trail. This ensures the cost-effectiveness of business involvement, and the authenticity of the traces.


Ecotrust Canada’s proprietary traceability technology leverages the successfully tested and operated data management platform from ThisFish. It has been customized for forestry through a process of co-designed with leaders in the industry to ensure its scalability, versatility, cost-effectiveness and viability for forest products.

Who ThisForest is for

ThisForest provides authentic, trustworthy information about products, giving utility for businesses and consumers alike. Businesses wishing to better manage their supply chain and tell the story of their products in an innovative and engaging way to the marketplace benefit from involvement with ThisForest. Equal benefit is found by consumers concerned with the origin and sustainability of the products they purchase.

Forestry Industry Affiliations

Cesefor Foundation (Spain)

British Columbia Community Forest Association 

BC Log & Timber Building Industry Association

International Model Forest Network 

BC Wood

Private Landowners Association



Ecotrust Canada is all about designing and building innovative solutions that get us closer to a triple bottom line economy, an economy that builds not only financial wealth, but also social/cultural equity and ecological health.

Guided by this mission, for the past several years we have maintained a focus on the commercial fishing sector. Why? Because fishing has traditionally been a significant economic driver for coastal communities in BC, as well as a livelihood for many with tremendous social/cultural significance. It is Ecotrust Canada’s hypothesis that the decline of our commercial fishing fleet, as a result of fisheries management policies, corporate consolidation, and the globalization of markets, has direct consequences for the health of our ocean resources. To counteract this trend, our vision is to strengthen small boat, owner-operator, multi-cultural and multi-generational fisheries across BC.

ThisFish™ is one of our initiatives in this arena. A state-of-the-art social networking and seafood traceability program, ThisFish™ is an online tool that maps seafood from boat to plate. Designed and built with invested partners including fishermen, processors and retailers, ThisFish™ encourages consumers to ‘trace’ their purchase on the Internet using a simple tracking code – in so doing meeting the fisherman who caught their dinner and finding out more about their seafood and the industry that supports it. This innovation not only increases community access to markets, it creates an unprecedented level of transparency across the seafood supply chain. Ultimately, ThisFish™ fosters trust and authenticity in the seafood market, making it easy for consumers to judge the quality and sustainability of seafood products. That’s a win for fishermen, consumers, processors and the planet.

We think that this gentle way of connecting consumers with producers can go a long way towards building shared values and a shared commitment to a more sustainable fishing future.

To learn more about ThisFish™, visit ThisFish.info.

Alternatively, download a detailed description of ThisFish™.