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Ecotrust Canada has always understood the importance of access to capital to support new ideas and enterprises. To this end, the organization established a Capital Corporation in 1999 and operated for 10 years a small revolving loan fund focused on green entrepreneurs.

With the Board’s decision to close the Coastal Loan Fund in 2009, Ecotrust Canada has moved to the role of intermediary in the emerging field of social finance. We see our job as identifying important and emergent economic opportunities in the field, identifying the various types and sources of capital available, and structuring deals that will bring these two things together.

Social Finance Projects

Whether financing a home-based business in First Nations territory, a value-added manufacturer in the wood sector, or green micro-hydro project, Ecotrust Canada Capital took a community development approach to all its lending, investing, and consulting services.

We are continuing to explore new social finance opportunities and vehicles throughout BC, working directly with clients to ensure their long-term growth and financial sustainability.


Social Finance projects