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Marine Monitoring

Fishing is a tough business. Increasing costs and declining catches are driving many out of the industry. Meanwhile, corporations are buying up boats and licences, turning former owner-operators into sharecroppers. Our monitoring programs answer the industry’s need for economic alternatives.

We are a Designated service provider in Canada and have years of experience in delivering high quality electronic monitoring, at-sea and dockside Observer monitoring, and Observer training programs. Fisheries monitoring may seem like a strange thing for a charity to pursue, but we have already seen the invigorating effect of our work on the industry and local communities:

  • Our Observer and electronic monitoring alternatives have introduced low-cost competition, revitalizing the industry.
  • Lower monitoring costs have meant that more small boats can stay on the water, bringing added employment and income to local communities.
  • High-quality fisheries data have supported DFO’s fisheries management and stewardship goals.
  • Data sharing with fishermen has supported their advocacy and direct participation in fisheries management.

We are driven by the belief that engaging those most impacted is the best way to design solutions that are effective and adaptable. We are proud to be working with commercial fishing fleets to bring positive change to the industry.

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