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How to Access Your CleanBC Rebates

Heating System Rebate ($1,000-$6,000 depending on previous heating system)

Installation must be completed by June 30, 2021

Access here: Home Renovation Rebate and CleanBC Better Homes rebate application form

Rebate Code: in email from CleanBC

Additional Oil & Propane Heating System Conversion Rebate ($500)

Installation must be completed by June 30, 2021

Access here: Group Purchase Rebate Registration

Rebate Code: GPR0026-EXP13/04/2021

Current code expires April 13, 2021. Another will be set up in April if installation is completed later.

Home Energy Assessment Rebate ($200)

No deadline for completion

Access here:

Rebate Code: not needed

Where can I get more info?

See here for CleanBC’s website and offers.

Other questions? Email to request more information or set up a phone call.


Registration for the program described below is now closed.

Ecotrust Canada is coordinating a bulk installation project in the Mount Waddington Regional District (RDMW)

This project is specific to the RDMW region
Heat pumps can reduce your home energy bills by up to 50%.
For a limited time, CleanBC is offering double heat pump rebates.

Heat pump installations have been planned in the North Island for February 2021. Ecotrust Canada is coordinating a group purchase of heat pumps for North Island residents to save money on purchase, installation, and travel costs. Participation this program may be limited to contractor availability, which will be confirmed in January 2021.

For more information, see the FAQ’s below.


What communities are included in the Regional District of Mount Waddington?

The Regional District of Mount Waddington encompasses the area of Vancouver Island North of Campbell River, including Port Hardy, Port McNeill, Fort Rupert, Port Alice, Alert Bay, Sointula, Coal Harbour, Woss, and Quatsino.

Do I still qualify for rebates if I am not located in the Regional District of Mount Waddington?

Yes, if you are located outside the RDMW please register for your promo code directly on the CleanBC website. You will also need to contact HVAC contractors in your community to organize your own installation.

Who is Ecotrust Canada, who is involved in this project, and why? 

Ecotrust Canada is a charity with 25 years of experience working with rural, remote, and Indigenous communities on projects that benefit local economies. Ecotrust Canada has been working on improving energy access and affordability for residents in partnership with the Mount Waddington Regional District (RDMW) since 2019. Ecotrust Canada and the RDMW are working together to significantly reduce energy costs for North Island residents by promoting available rebates and coordinating a group installation in early 2021 

What are heat pumps and what are the benefits of installing one? 

Heat pumps are high efficiency electric heating systems that operate at 3 times the efficiency of other heating systems. This means energy consumption is 1/3 other heating systems, which can result in household energy cost savings of up to 50%. Actual energy cost savings will vary based on home insulation and air tightness, energy use behaviour, and the type of heat pump installed.  

Heat pumps capture warmth from outside air and circulate and heat indoor air. Heat pumps also provide air conditioning in the summer for added comfort. They work exceptionally well in temperate climates such as the North Island region. 

What are the benefits of participating in this group installation project? 

The RDMW has no heating (HVAC) contractors in the region. This means that in order to install new heating systems, contractors from Campbell River and further south need to travel to the North Island, adding significant costs that residents must cover. By organizing a group of installations at the same time, purchase, installation, and travel costs are reduced for both residents and the contractor.  In addition, participating residents will benefit from a group purchase rebate on top of the doubled rebates.  

What types of heat pumps are available? How do they work? 

There are two types of heat pumps — ductless heat pumps and central air systems. Central air systems are best for replacing a furnace in homes with existing ducting and do not require installation of indoor units in the living area. Ductless models (shown below) are best for replacing baseboard heating in homes without ducting. All heat pumps in this program meet the highest standards of efficiency and heating performance.  

The diagram below shows how they work and shows what a ductless system looks like 

This diagram shows how air source heat pump systems work and what a ductless system looks like. (Ecotrust Canada)
How much do heat pumps cost and what rebates are available? 

The best heat pump for you depends on your home set up. Installed heat pumps will range in cost between $7,000 and $16,000 and the doubled rebates range between $2,500 and $6,500. For more details on available rebates see the CleanBC website. 

Email to request more specific estimated cost and rebate information for your home.  

What happens when I submit my information for a promo code? 

When you provide your information, Ecotrust Canada will apply on your behalf to BC Hydro/Clean BC and ensure you receive access to your home rebate promo code. Ecotrust Canada will not access the rebate itself. The rebate will go directly to your BC Hydro account after the installation is completed.  

Email to request a more specific estimated cost for your home.  

When will I hear back about installation details? 

Ecotrust Canada will contact you in January 2021 to confirm your interest in installing a heat pump, answer any questions you have, and organize installation logistics. Heat pump installations are planned for February 2021. 

Who will be installing my heat pump?  

Ecotrust Canada has requested equipment and cost information from five HVAC contractors based in Campbell River and Courtenay/Comox. We will update this page once a contractor has been selected for this project. 

Where can I get more info? 

Other questions? Email or call 604-789-4626 to request more information or set up a phone call.