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Levi Robson, Researcher, Indigenous Home-Lands

Levi Robson,
Forest to Frame Researcher, Indigenous Home-Lands

Levi Robson, Researcher, Indigenous Home-Lands

Levi is a recent graduate from the University of British Columbia’s Forest Resources Management program. Before moving back to Vancouver to finish his degree, Levi worked as a full-time forest technician for nearly two years. This time spent outside of the city brought his attention to important issues regarding rural inequity, Indigenous self-determination, community well-being, and land governance. He is now getting ready to pursue a Master of Science degree in Forestry, with a focus on community governance and public policy.

Levi will be a member of the team working on the Forest to Frame project, a component of the Indigenous Home-Lands Initiative. Levi’s work will focus on identifying value-added forestry enterprises, products, designs and technologies that might make sense in First Nation residential construction. He will conduct interviews and review available literature to develop useable inventories of appropriate products, designs, and technologies.