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Nathaniel Walker, Project Coordinator, Community Fisheries

Nathaniel Walker,
Project Coordinator + Data Analyst, Community Fisheries

Nathaniel Walker, Project Coordinator, Community Fisheries

Nate is a recent graduate from the University of British Columbia Biology program. For most of his degree, he focused on marine biology, covering ecology, zoology, and conservation. He finished his degree with a strong desire to work in fisheries. Since graduation, Nate spent over a year working alongside fishermen as a sales associate and all-around assistance worker on the ground. This experience allowed him to see the inside workings of the industry, its rich culture, and its necessity to be conserved as a hallmark piece of Canada and BC’s history and economy.

Nate is now a Project Coordinator for the fisheries’ policy team and a Data Analyst for the fisheries’ monitoring team. This work entails various jobs such as fisheries research, report writing, data entry, interviewing, and much more. Nate is more than excited about his position’s future and how he can continue to learn, grow, and make a meaningful and holistic impact.

Originally from Seattle, Washington, Nate grew up near the coast of Puget Sound and spent the formative years of his youth exploring the beautiful coastline, islands, and interior of the US side of the Pacific Northwest, regularly visiting BC. In his own time, Nate enjoys playing and writing music in the spirit of some of his favourite indie/folk/singer-songwriter artists, as well as partaking in several sports, such as skiing, hiking, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He also loves to explore BC’s natural wildlife to forage or observe its rich biodiversity through birdwatching. In the next while, Nate would love to learn how to free dive, spear fish, and cook it up on the beach.